Celebrating Halloween the Little Tikes Way!

Halloween at Little Tikes is a special day filled with lots of ghosts, goblins and pint-size trick or treaters.  Each year on October 31st, Little Tikes employees take a few minutes out of their busy days to stop and hand out candy to all of the Little Tikes Trick or Treaters from our in-house Childcare that parade through the offices in their costumes.  This year Spider Man had a predominant presence in the Trick or Treating parade and as always, there was a colorful smattering of beautiful princesses and adorable fairies.  Twenty children in total paraded through getting candy and goodies from each of the employees here at Little Tikes.  Their smiling little faces and adorable costumes make the event totally worth it year after year.     

The Little Tikes Trick or Treaters   The Little Tikes Childcare children enjoy a scary story from Childcare Director Janet  

But don’t think that the children are the only ones celebrating Halloween around Little Tikes.  The employees get into the festivities just as much as the children do.  As you wander through the offices on October 31st you will find all sorts of interesting characters.  From witches to postmen and everything in between, Halloween is a day for adults to dress up, too.  The festivities for us begin at 9:30am with the annual pumpkin carving contest.

Pumpkin carving contest at Little Tikes!


Immediately following the pumpkin contest is the costume contest.   Everyone who is wearing a costume gets to parade through the Little Tikes cafeteria in front of the whole company and proudly show off their Halloween costume.  By the end of the parade, a panel of judges gives out awards for 3rd place, 2nd place and 1st place for “Best Costumes”.  This year, the 3rd place award went to our HR department, the 2nd place award went to the DTC/Childcare Marketing team that I work on and the 1st place award went to a group of account administrators who dressed up as the Peanuts gang from Charlie Brown.    


 This was a great costume!      Davey Jones, Ruler of the Ocean Depths from Pirates of the Caribbean II, and the Wicked Witch


As always, Halloween at Little Tikes was a lot of fun for everyone.  I hope you enjoy the pictures from our Little Tikes Halloween.  It was great being there and seeing everyone having so much fun. 

The Wicked Witch and three children from the Little Tikes Daycare.  Mommy, Cindy who works at Little Tikes, is on the right with her son and her daughter in pink.  Both of her children attend the Little Tikes Daycare.


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