Raising Money With Little Tikes Toys!

Little Tikes Giving

Little Tikes is pleased to announce our year round fundraising program, The

Little Tikes Giving Program. Through this program, Little Tikes is giving schools, childcares, youth associations and other organizations the opportunity to earn a 5% cash-back reward through the purchase of Little Tikes children’s products made online by parents, families and friends. This program is a rewarding and reliable opportunity that will benefit your organization and will allow small purchases to make a big difference.

As a member organization you will enjoy these great benefits:

  • No fees to join
  • Real time, online tracking of your organization’s earnings
  • An on-going, no hassle, program. Once a registered organization, there is very little effort required from you to keep it going.
  • An annual program that will provide your organization with financial support throughout the year.
  • A check in the mail each month for your monthly earnings as long as your monthly earnings are greater than $25.00.


How to Get Started

  • Log-on to www.littletikesgiving.com
  • Click the “JOIN NOW” button. The next page will allow you to either read more about the program or continue on to “REGISTER NOW”.
  • Complete the application. Within a week of applying, you will receive 2 emails; one providing your account information and one confirming your acceptance into the program.
  • Promote Little Tikes Giving – Once you are a member organization you can begin circulating promotional flyers that are available at www.littletikesgiving.com to get the program kicked off in your neighborhood.Take advantage of this great fundraising program now!

For more information, visit us online or call 330-650-3209.


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