Get your motors running! Pedaled Ride-Ons are back!

We know how much you love our Tough Tire Trike, and we have heard your pleas and received your emails begging Little Tikes to sell more pedaled ride-ons!  Well, wait no longer, I am pleased to announce that this week Little Tikes has launched our Classic Sport Cycle in fresh new colors with updated features. 

You won’t want to miss out on this classic pedal ride-on.  With a new handlebar for better steering control, a detailed instrument panel and bright new colors, this ride-on will be sure to drive kids imaginations wild! The wide wheelbase design of this Sport Cycle offers children stability and control.  And what better way to encourage children to burn energy when they play, while stimulating their coordination and motor skills.  

Kids will be getting their motors running………because the Little Tikes Sport Cycle is back and better than ever!

 Want to see what the hype is  all about? Click here to see the Classic Sport Cycle from Little Tikes.  You won’t be disappointed!

NEW Sport Cycle


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