Santa pays a visit to Little Tikes!

Santa made an early appearance this year at Little Tikes®!  Yesterday the reindeer made a special stop at Little Tikes® and dropped Santa off for a few hours to spend time with the children in our Childcare Center.  While he was here, he presented each one of the children with a special present that he brought all of the way from the North Pole!  Each girl was given a Little Tikes® Perfect Sweetheart™  Bake Set and each boy was given a Little Tikes® KeyHead Fire Station.  The children were so thrilled to receive a present from Santa himself!  During his visit, the children opened their presents, ate cookies, drank milk, and even got their pictures taken with Santa! 

Madison, one of the girls in the Little Tikes® childcare center, told us that her sister and her brother both played with her Perfect Sweetheart™  Baking Set!  They “baked” cookies and “frosted” them, too!

Mikey, son of Cindy who works here at Little Tikes®, said that he “Loved his fire truck!  He put the man in it and then there was a fire so they had to put it out and they saved the day!”

It was such a delight to have Santa come and visit the children at Little Tikes®.  But he couldn’t stay for too long, because he still had a lot of work to do in order to be ready on time to deliver Christmas presents to all of the boys and girls around the world!  The children were sad to see him leave, but they will always remember the year that they got to meet Santa!  As quickly as Santa appeared, he disappeared, on a sleigh guided by Rudholph.  If the children are lucky, maybe they will get to see him again on December 24th when he brings presents to their homes. 

Happy Holidays!




One Response to “Santa pays a visit to Little Tikes!”

  1. laurie yingling Says:

    Katie – I thought your article on the visit from Santa at the Little Tikes childcare was fun to read. I enjoy hearing about the employees’ children.

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