The playground’s buried under a foot of snow? No problem!

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children have some kind of physical activity every day. According to, regular exercise helps build stronger muscles and bones, helps kids maintain a leaner body, decreases the risk of Type 2 Diabetes and even helps their emotional well-being.  

It’s more of a challenge to keep little ones active during the winter, and even places like the usually sunny Southwest have had their share of cold and snow this month, keeping kids inside for days on end. Here are a couple of ideas to help keep their growing bodies in motion. 

When spirits start running high, help the kids channel their energy. Let each child pick up an instrument like the maracas, castanets and bells in our Bug Tunes™ Music Set or our Tap-a-Tune Drum and get them marching in a parade around the room. See how high they can lift those legs while they shake, rattle and roll for at least 15 minutes.   

Bug Tunes Music SetTap A Tune Drum

If you have space for indoor foot-to-floor and pedaled ride-on play, why not let the kids go for a “Sunday Drive” before they have their lunch? Help them load up their dolls and teddy bears in our Princess Cozy Coupe® , Tikes Patrol™ Police Car  or Classic Tough Tire Trike and let them take a long drive “through the country.” 

Princess Cozy CoupePolice Coupe

A few activities like this and you’ll have them all worn out just in time for a nice winters nap.


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