Tackle the season with some muscle!

Super Bowl season is here and the kids can get just as fired up about the big game as the grown-ups. Keep them involved and active with a Little Tikes® Football Training™ Bouncer. This innovative inflatable gets the whole group working on their running, jumping and racing. They can dive under the entrance, hurdle a tackler, crash through the defense and race down one of the slides into the end zone for a touchdown! There’s no more exciting way to help them get out their winter Ya-Yas.

Football Training Bouncer

To get the younger kids involved, let them have a ball with our Little Champs® Activity Football. They love pressing the big buttons to make the lights flash and to hear the football game sounds. The movable parts help them learn hand-eye coordination and cause and effect, getting them ready for big kid play.

Little Champs Activity Football

When they’ve fully explored the Activity Football, sit them down with the Little Champs® Sports Center —it has something for every budding athlete! They’ll learn more cause and effect, some basic physical skills and enjoy the counting and sports songs that reward their busy hands.

Little Champs Sports Center


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