Make Valentine’s Day about the littlest sweethearts!

In our childcare facility here at Little Tikes, the children are busy decorating shoeboxes for the sweet Valentine cards they’ll exchange next week during their party. The boys and girls will sign their name to a card for each one of their classmates and take turns delivering them through the mail slots in the top of each box. Then, of course, they’ll sit down for heart-shaped cupcakes with fluffy pink icing! 

Prep N Serve Kitchen

The lead-up to the party can be just as much fun because children love pretend play, and holidays can add a whole new dimension to their role-play activities. Get them working together at the Prep ‘n Serve™ Kitchen —or any of our other popular play kitchens—to whip up some fantastic confections for Valentine’s Day. Add in the Perfect Sweetheart™ Bake Set and they have everything they need to make pretty Valentines cakes and cookies. Then have them set the table with the Tea With Me™ Set and serve their pretend treats at an afternoon tea party. 

Perfect Sweetheart Bake SetTea With Me Set

If you’re looking for ideas for crafts the kids can make to bring home to Mommy and Daddy, we put together a page of easy Valentines craft ideas that are perfect for bringing out the sweethearts in any group of kids. You’ll find supplies needed and easy-to-follow, detailed instructions for 3 fun crafts with PDF files that you can download and print out.

You’ll also see special savings on select arts and crafts furniture—desks, tables and easels—to help keep craft time organized and give children plenty of room to work.


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