Get Your Motor’s Running….It’s Daytona Time!

NASCAR is the hottest, fastest-growing spectator sport in the country and kids love it just as much as grown-ups! One of the biggest races happens this weekend at Daytona International Speedway in Florida and the kids in the childcare here at Little Tikes® are having a blast racing their cars around on the play rug.
Little Tikes® makes some great racing-themed products—from toys to furniture—that make any childcare’s collection complete and put little racers on the winning team!
Make cleanup time a race to the finish with the Classic Racing Tire Toy Chest. The roomy bin holds a ton of vehicles and the inside of the lid can be used as a speedway for small racing cars!

Racing Tire Toy Chest

Don’t have enough to go around? Check out our excellent selection of trucks, cars, planes and trains and give your kids an endless supply of racing wheels!
Cars, Trains and Planes Garbage Truck
And of course, give them plenty of time for exercise and full-throttle control behind the wheel of their very own car with any of our classic Cozy Coupes®.
Kids love to fulfill their need for speed and Little Tikes® knows just how to help that happen!


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