We help you put a whole new spin on the Easter Basket!

The children in the Little Tikes childcare are busy gluing cotton balls onto paper plate Easter Bunnies and cutting construction paper strips to look like waving grass to decorate the big bulletin board in the hall. They’re also excited for the big Easter party and the great baskets they will find after the Easter Bunny visits. 

You can get the same unique Easter baskets for your kids at Little Tikes Childcare with special holiday prices delivered direct to you from the Easter bunny himself! 

For doll-lovers, we offer the Easter Baby Basket — a doll buggy filled with a Baby Born® Doll with Magic Eyes and accessories. 

Easter Baby Basket

If sports are the thing, then we have the terrific Easter Games Basket that includes the Just Like the Pros™ Basketball Set, a Cozy Swing™, Totsports™ Easy Hit Hockey Set and Bubble Bellies™ Polly Pig™ Bubble maker. 

Easter Games Basket

And finally, the Easter Fun Basket that comes with an Explorer™ Wagon filled with the Polly Pig™ bubble Maker, a Glowin’ Cow Flashlight, Handle Haulers® Frankie Fire chief and a 2-in-1 Snug ‘n Secure™ Swing.

Easter Fun Basket


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