Little Tikes Knows How to Spring into Spring

Here in Northeast Ohio, —it’s not unusual to get a blizzard at the beginning of April, but the daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses are open so we feel hopeful that Old Man Winter has retreated to the far north for the next eight or nine months. Spring has sprung! 

Step outside here at the Little Tikes campus and over the constant hum of the factory, you hear the most delightful birdsong and the honking of the Canadian Geese making their trek home.  The grass is greening more each day and the childcare crew spends more time outside playing on the climbers, playhouses and ride-ons—burning off some of that winter stagnation. 

Now is a great time to outfit the play yard with ride-ons like the Classic Tough Tire Trike. It has a handy storage area in the trunk and soft grip handles for small hands, and the front tire is designed for better traction and less wear-and-tear. 

Classic Tough Tire Trike

There’s also the Classic Sport Cycle with snazzy styling, a new handlebar design for better steering control and a wide wheel base for stability. 

Classic Sport Cycle

If you really need to stock up in quantity, don’t forget to take advantage of the savings you get with our super Childcare Packages like the Ride-On Package. It comes with one each of 7 different exciting Little Tikes ride-ons and saves you $70.00. 

We hope you’re enjoying the emergence of spring as much as we are. It’s such a pleasure to see the children playing outside without ten layers of clothing and heavy boots making it impossible for them to move. They’re free and full of energy and frankly it’s contagious! 


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