No Bench Warming Here

Opening Day started another exciting baseball season this week and now’s the perfect time to get your children outside to practice and get their own games going.  Little Tikes makes some terrific baseball toys for a range of ages.

See the TotSports™ T-Ball Set that includes an adjustable height “T” for developing skill levels, an oversize bat, and 2 oversize balls. It’s designed specially to hang on the wall for easy storage. We know that sometimes girls can’t live without pink, so we also have a  Pastel version.  

Pastel Tot Sports TBall Set

TotSports T Ball Set

For the littlest ones in your group, check out the Little Champs® Baseball Bat—a baseball-themed toy that will keep baby engaged with lights, sounds and activities, developing motor skills and teaching cause and effect. 

Little champs Baseball

For those who are really working on their batting average there’s the  Auto Pitch™ Batting Trainer. It starts out as a T-ball set for beginners, and as the child’s skills grow it transforms into an automatic pitch-up machine.  Batter up!

Auto Pitch Batting Trainer


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