Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd

Earth Day is for Everybody!  Earth day is Sunday, April 22nd and it’s a great time to discuss with your children the importance of taking care of their environment.  

Below are some activities you can do with your children to emphasize caring for our planet.  These activities are from Preschool Express, an on-line activity newsletter for parents, teachers and grandparents of preschool children. Visit them online for many more ideas for Earth Day and Everyday! 

Using Resources Wisely

  • Encourage children to turn off lights when they are not needed to preserve energy
  • Recycle bottles, paper and cans
  • Plant a tree to keep our earth green

Keep our Earth Clean

  • Help clean up your neighborhood or backyard
  • Never litter, especially on or near water

Make Recycle Baskets

  • Set out three baskets or boxes
  • Label one box, bottles; one cans and one paper
  • Let your child or children help you sort your recyclables

If these ideas aren’t enough or you’re just looking for more activities, we really like this popular publication for young children from the EPA; “The Happy Earth Day Coloring and Activities Book”.

The Happy Earth Day Coloring and Activities Book

It’s an 11-page coloring book full of tips for making the Earth a better place and you can download a printable copy and feel free to make as many copies as you like. 

And remember, Earth Day isn’t just for the kids, it’s for adults, too.  So make sure that you are practicing these little tips for saving the planet, too.  A little change can make a big difference. 

Leave your comments below to let us know what you or your children are doing this Earth Day to help save our planet.


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