Get children outside this summer with Little Tikes Sports!

Remember how much fun you had as a kid running around outside, playing sports with your friends? The fresh air and friendly competition from playing sports never seems to fail as a fun and refreshing way to spend your summer days. Outdoor activity can play a large role in a child’s development and is something that should be encouraged on a daily basis. Take advantage of the nice weather and show your kids early on that being active and staying fit can be fun.


To help you get the children outside and playing, Little Tikes is offering three of our most popular childcare sports toys at savings of up to 30% off! Show children how to shoot and score with the Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Set, start a game of basketball using the TotsportsEasy Score Basketball Set, or let them practice hitting home runs with the TotsportsT Ball Set. These fun sports toys will help get their blood moving and heart pounding each day, burning off any extra energy they might have and making naptime that much easier for you!

Soccer Set


Totsports Basketball Set

TotSports Tball Set


And be sure to check out our other Little Tikes sports toys that are on sale this week, too. But hurry, the sale on our sports toys ends at midnight, July 30th (E.S.T.).  Offer not valid on previous purchases.


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