3 Award Winning Toys From Little Tikes!



           As a childcare provider, you know how hard it is to pick out the best toys for your children. They have to be perfect: toys that are fun, educational, safe, and durable. You want toys that you know the kids are going to love and will never get tired of, toys that will keep them busy while you’re fixing their snacks or cleaning up after them. You don’t want to spend your money on something that will break easily or that the kids will get bored with after a half an hour!

            This is when you need to turn to the experts: people that study, test, and review toys for a living so that parents and teachers and daycare owners can make informed, confident purchases. This is when you turn to Joanne and Stephanie Oppenheim, two of the most trusted child development experts, their panel of judges and kid-testers, and the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio.


            With no ads or entry fees, customers can be assured that the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio is filled with only the best products out there! The toys are tested and reviewed by experts, parents, and kids with all different lifestyles and backgrounds so they can get a diverse set of opinions. There are two different awards given out by the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio: the Platinum award and the Gold Seal award.


            Little Tikes is proud to announce that we were the recipients of three Oppenheim Toy Portfolio awards for 2008! Our Obstacle Course Bouncer and Sand & Sea Play Table both won the Gold Seal award and our Mom & Me Walker received the Platinum award! And if you purchase the Obstacle Course Bouncer by August 20th, Little Tikes will give you a free Roller Bag which makes transporting your bouncer even easier! (offer not valid on previous purchases). (Mom and Me Walker not yet available for sale).

Obstacle Course Bouncer


Sand and Sea Play Table


Mommy and Me Walker

            So when you are stuck trying to decide what toys to pick out for this upcoming school year, your decision can be made easier… because now you can be sure that Little Tikes really only does offer the best!


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