Save 20% on these Waffle Blocks!

For one week only, the Little Tikes Childcare Solutions program is offering our Classic Wee Waffle® Blocks N Bucket Assortment Set for just $13.99!  These Classic Wee Waffle® Blocks help little builders grow their big imaginations. This kid-friendly set includes 36 colorful interlocking blocks, all of which fit in the convenient plastic storage bin with lid. Easy-fitting plastic pieces are the perfect tool for helping children improve their planning and motor skills. Block sizes are 4″ x 4″. Hurry, sale ends November 14, 2007 or while supplies last.  Sorry not valid on previous purchases.



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58 Responses to “Save 20% on these Waffle Blocks!”

  1. Tracy chambers Says:

    Do you ship waffle blocks to the UK

  2. Lucy Says:

    I am interested in purchasing this item – i have looked everywhere and cannot find it – would like for Christmas gict for 2 1/2 year old. Please contact me at earliest convenience with purchase information. Thanks

    • Deb Says:

      If you are still interested – I see your response was from 2007, but your child would be going on 5 now – I have several sets of the waffle blocks that my daughter had when she was young (she is now 21!!). They are in excellent condition, even though they were well played with (very durable items). There is what was referred to as Wee Waffle town (has several road pieces, etc), a house set and farm set. Originally would have been around $350 worth of waffle block items. Let me know if you would be interested.

  3. Lucy Says:

    I am interested in purchasing this item – i have looked everywhere and cannot find it – would like for Christmas gift for 2 1/2 year old. Please contact me at earliest convenience with purchase information. Thanks

  4. anne Says:

    Are these waffle blocks still available? Tnank you

  5. Katie Says:

    Yes, these Wee Waffle Blocks are available through Little Tikes only. Please visit our website at to pick up some of your own.

  6. liz Says:

    I’m looking for the giant waffle blocks, probably about 18″ square. Do you still carry them?

  7. Katie Says:

    I’m sorry to have to tell you that we no longer manufacture that size waffle block.

  8. Joy Says:

    Is there any chance you’d start making the large waffle blocks again? From searching the internet for them, there are lots of people looking for them! I’d love a set or two for my grandson!

    • The Little Tikes Childcare Team Says:

      I would love to see the large waffle blocks in production again too. We have a team looking at product to possibly bring back into production. I have passed your suggestion onto them. Thank you.

      • ed Cayer sr Says:

        my kids grew up with the 14 inch waffle blocks i just bought some on e-bay for my grand kids the sell like hotcakes! if you make them again i will buy a few more set & so will my kids thanks ed

  9. Joy Says:

    I did daycare in my home for 14 years.. and now as some of these kids are graduating and we get to talking about memories.. most of them bring up playing with those huge blocks! They loved them too! I agree.. bring them back!!

  10. emma Says:

    please bring the 18 inch waffles back

  11. Nancy Says:

    We have seven children and the oldest three remember playing with the jumbo waffle blocks. They loved them! Would buy them again for my youngest ones if they were available. Thanks!!

    • julianne Says:

      i agree…i have been looking ALL over for these large waffle blocks. i also know other moms who are searching everywhere for them….please bring them back….your little customers want them!

  12. Joni Hoffman Says:

    The large waffle blocks are my kids favorite toy at recess. Unfortunately they have gotten a little banged up over years of use. I would love to see you bring them back!!

  13. bobbie martin Says:

    I have been looking for years for the large waffle blocks.Ihavehad a daycare for 35 years,we had them and wore them out.we found some at a gargage sale and i bought all she had.The kids want more so they can build a bigger fort .Please let us know what we can do to help get them back.
    Bobbie Martin

    • The Little Tikes Childcare Team Says:

      Thanks for writing. I would love to see them back in production too. I keep putting a bug in the engineer’s ear to bring the mold back from Europe so that we can start making them again. I will definitely post an update if we end up making it happen!

  14. Choral Says:

    I completely agree with the others above — the Large Waffle Blocks are one of the greatest play materials for preschoolers ever created! I need to buy several sets for the preschools I currently manage — please bring them back!!

  15. Christa Says:

    YES!!! Bring back the giant waffle blocks!! I too have a childcare and my kids REALLY want the big blocks!!!

  16. Brian Says:

    Yes, please bring back the large waffle blocks, either he 14″ or the 18″. There’s obviously high demand for these. Just check the prices on ebay!! Why would you ever stop making these?

    • The Little Tikes Childcare Team Says:

      Thanks for writing Brian. Our designers are going to be focusing on our infant/preschool line. Our blog posts on the Large Waffle Blocks are certainly helping our case in trying to bring them back into production!

      • Gina Says:

        My 8 year old nephew has the large waffle blocks and is always
        playing with them. My 3 year old son wants his own. We would
        definitely buy the large waffle blocks. Please bring them back!!

      • Patty Says:

        Please bring back the giant waffle blocks, the little ones are o.k. but they do not stir up creative thinking nearly as much as the large blocks. Children really care about how the large ones are put together so that their structure will be stronger with the smaller wee waffle blocks they tend to just put them together.

      • The Little Tikes Childcare Team Says:

        I think we are getting very close to bringing back the large waffle blocks. The mold is overseas and currently in production. We think we have the solution to bring them back! Stay tuned for details! Thanks for everyone’s posts. It’s helping to bring them back to life.

      • Jenny Says:

        Any more word on the large waffle blocks? I don’t see them yet on the website

      • The Little Tikes Childcare Team Says:

        I am hoping to have them by the end of November or December. Please check back soon. They are coming!

  17. Jane Says:

    I have a large plastic box with 75 Block, House and Road pieces, 9 People and a Car. My son loved these building blocks. I truly believe these types of toys which come before the legos and k-nex provide great mathematical foundation and you know how much fun they are. I am selling them Please see my craigslist ad under toys Long Island NY -Jane

  18. Jennifer Says:

    I am interested in purchasing these for my kids. If everyone has any of these please send me an email to

  19. Jimmy Says:

    bring back the large 14 inch waffle blocks… we will be happy and you will make some money.


  20. Amy Says:

    I have two different sets, one is grey the other is multi-crayon colors. I use them when children come with their parents to my office. ABSOLUTELY the best toy box item ever. I would like more and posted on the Little Tykes website to let me know when they are available.

  21. Brian Says:

    This is wonderful news!!! It’s great to see a company ACTUALLY LISTEN to its customer base. People are obviously willing to pay a premium for these blocks from the like of Ebay and Craigslist. Luckily I’ve been able to secure a bunch of the 8″ ones and the kids absolutely love them!!!! Any possible time frame on the re-release?

    Thanks for the constant updates…

  22. Spencer's mom Says:

    My 3-year-old son saw the giant waffle blocks in a play area at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, and loved playing with them. Count us among those who will buy these as soon as they are available!

  23. DEM Says:

    I just started my research to find the giant waffle blocks. We had two sets when my kids were little. They were my #1 favorite toy from their childhood. The only reason they don’t still exist in my family is that they went from being blocks to forts to baseball/wiffle ball bases outdoors through 4 seasons and were used right up through their college years! What more could you ask for from a toy?! Absolutely rush their manufacturing schedule to get them out for holidays. Thanks. 🙂

  24. Heather Says:

    Mother of 4 under 5, looking for years…..THANK you for listening and bringing back!

  25. Jen Atchley Says:

    Yay! Thank you for bringing them back. I am a part of a non-profit childcare organization in Santa Cruz and I know for sure that the other classrooms would love these. Have been looking for a while! Thank you so much for bringing them back! <3<3<3

  26. Sheryl Says:

    Where can I find waffle blocks with a hole in the middle? I just have one block, and it works well with the little tikes work bench. I would like to get more.

  27. nik Says:

    I am bookmarking this thread! I just started searching for these for Christmas. We have them at my preschool and my 3 year old LOVES them….as do her classmates. I hope they are back soon!

  28. David Martin Says:

    My parents got me 36 of the large (about 14″) waffle blocks when I was 3 or 4 years old. My friends and I played with them constantly throughout my childhood. I was EXTREMELY hard on toys when I was younger, but they are still in pretty good condition, and my 16 month old son now loves them too. I really want to get him a bunch of new large waffle blocks, at least 14″ but a little bit bigger would be even better. I would definitely buy about 100 blocks if they were put back into production.

  29. Blimie Solomon Says:

    I have been searching for the large waffle blocks for my sons! can you please let me know when you get them – looking forward

  30. Kate Says:

    I’m so glad I found this site – I have been looking everywhere for these blocks! I’ve got two little nephews who I would love to purchase the large blocks for. If you could get them out before the Hollidays that would be great!

  31. christina virgil Says:

    As a child those blocks were my absolute favorite toy ever!! unfortunately my house burnt down so I wasn’t able to save them for my 3 boys now. please keep is posted about when they will be released!

  32. Melissa Hobbs Says:

    I would love to purchase a set or two for our granddaughter. Our 3 grown children played endlessly with the set we had when they were younger. I wish I had stored them instead of selling them at a yard sale. Please keep me posted when the large blocks become available.

    Thank you!

  33. DEM Says:

    CONFUSION REIGNS! My sister and I are both looking for the giant waffle blocks. The Little Tikes childcare team is saying the blocks are being reintroduced and will be available sometime between Nov – Feb (depending on which entry you read). I used the childcare team’s advice and plugged in the product number and up popped the blocks on the website. Now there’s nothing when I tried it. My sister just got a note from Little Tikes Support that said simply they are no longer making this product. What’s the difference between the childcare team and the support group? What’s up? We wanted to get them for Christmas. Thanks for your help.

  34. Katie Says:

    i am looking for waffle blocksk for my 4 year old grandson.. Do you have any?

  35. christina virgil Says:

    hey! I keep coming back and searching to see if you are selling the large blocks yet. any news on when we all could expect this highly anticipated return of the greatest toy ever!?

  36. Joy Says:

    I keep checking this page at the little tikes site and it says they should be available approx. 1/12/2010!! Lets all HOPE!!

  37. Joy Says:

    I forgot to list the website!

  38. nik Says:

    Will they be in stores or only on the website? I’d like to avoid $30 in shipping if possible!! Thanks!

  39. Cheri Says:

    Hello Little Tikes Team,

    I, too, have been searching for the giant waffle blocks and am glad to know they are now available. I would like to encourage you (and all child care vendors) to begin offering child care programs and families the option of ordering products in natural colors. With the structure of today’s families, children often spend 8 to 10 hours a day in programs. My program is nature-based and we spend about 8 of our 10-hour day outside. We need products that will endure outdoor elements and reflect nature’s colors.

    May I strongly encourage your team to begin producing these large waffle blocks and ALL equipment in forest green, tan, beige, brown…all the colors one finds in nature? Imagine your own living room adorned with only bright reds, blues, greens, and yellows. How much time would you like to spend there? Research shows that children do not need these bright colors for stimulation. They need loving, engaging, attentive caregivers who help facilitate their imagination and play. The rest comes naturally.

    Please let me know when these giant waffle blocks are available in natural colors. Thank you on behalf of all children and caregivers!

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