Meet the Little Tikes Childcare Team!

The Little Tikes Childcare Solutions blog is proud to start introducing you to the hard-working members of its small but strong team! Each week, we will introduce you to the people who make things happen behind the scenes.  These are the people who get you your quotes in a timely manner, that place your orders, that make sure your order is shipped in full and arrives on time, that make recommendations for your organization based on its unique needs and much, much more!  We’re a small team of four, but we work hard for our customers. 

 Today I would like to introduce you to Mary.  Mary was born and raised in South Dakota.  She attended the University of South Dakota and after that began a career in education.  Mary taught First and Second grade for 6 years and then went on to teach preschool for 3-5 year olds for 18 years!  Mary’s strong educational and preschool background makes her a great asset to this team.  She knows the in’s and out’s of working with young children and is an incredible reference when you need advice with product selection.  Please don’t hesitate to ask for her when you need such advice, she’s always more than happy to help. 


Mary has worked at Little Tikes for over 5 years and has experience in both consumer service as well as in childcare and corporate sales. Oh and Mary’s favorite Little Tikes product is the Classic Doll Buggy, so make sure to check that out online!


Mary’s experience with children doesn’t just tie back to the classroom, though.  She is also a proud mother of 2 children, a son and a daughter, and she is a happy grandmother to 3 wonderful grandchildren! 

One of Mary’s favorite holidays is Thanksgiving and this week she would like to encourage you to sign up for our Little Tikes Childcare Solutions email blasts because we’ll be sending out both early bird specials and after Thanksgiving Day specials if you’re on our list. So hurry and click here to sign up now so you don’t miss out!


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