Give The Gift Of A Toy Kitchen All Year Long!

Play that invites imagination is one of the best gifts that you can give a child.  In the upcoming year think about giving your children a toy kitchen.  Most young children love playing house and pretending to cook, bake, wash dishes, host pretend tea parties or play restaurant. With a toy kitchen from Little Tikes, the possibilities for play are endless!

Little Tikes has many wonderful toy kitchens that the children in your care will enjoy. One of the most popular kitchens that Little Tikes sells is the Cookin’ Sounds Gourmet™ Kitchen.  This kitchen cooks up creativity with just the right amount of interactive electronics that make it sound “just like home”.  With 15 dish and food accessories, a removable cutting board that doubles as a doll seat, a play phone , pretend faucet and stove top, this kitchen offers an incredible play value at an affordable price. 


Another popular kitchen from Little Tikes is the Inside/Outside Cook ‘n Grill™ Kitchen.  This kitchen is unique because it offers play on BOTH sides of the kitchen, instead of just on one side, thus creating a friendly play environment for multiple children.  This deluxe kitchen features a “magic” coffee pot with disappearing coffee, a magnetic refrigerator door a fun pass through window, a large sink, oven and dishwasher.  The stove top and grill make electronic sounds and it also includes a chef’s hat and 27 additional accessories!


The newest kitchen Little Tikes has to offer is the Cook ‘n Learn Interactive Kitchen.  You may have seen this kitchen on TV!  With 2 interactive play modes and food with intelligent technology built right into them, this kitchen teaches children about food groups, colors, shapes, numbers, following directions, sorting and measuring.  It also includes 38 accessories so the fun never ends!


 If you like these toy kitchens from Little Tikes, click here to see the full line of kitchens that are available!


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