Take The Time To Teach Children Good Habits!

Start the New Year out on the right path by teaching the children in your care about good habits.  January is national organization month and what better way to start teaching children about organization than teaching them how to put their toys away after they are done playing with them.  Little Tikes would like to help make this task easier for you by offering free shipping on all of their toy chests!  There’s so many styles to choose from, 16 in all, and now they are easier than ever to buy!  Just place your order by going online to www.littletikeschildcare.com or call 1-866-416-4217!  Before you know it, they will be showing up at your door and you can get started teaching children about organization. 

Once your new toy chests arrive, you can begin by helping children put away their toys. Once they get used to that idea, you can make a learning game out of it.  Teach children about colors by challenging them to put away only the red toys, or only the blue toys. Help them enhance their counting skills by asking them to put away 3 toys, then 5 toys and so on.  The ideas for learning are endless.  By helping children get in the habit of cleaning up after playing, they will eventually be able to start doing it on their own.  They will soon realize how much easier it is to find things and also how much they please their teachers and parents when they clean up their toys when play time is over. Be sure to express how pleased you are with them when they clean up after themselves.  Positive reinforcement is the best way for children to learn. Children are creatures of habit, so the earlier you start teaching them good habits the easier it will be on them and yourself.  See below for examples of some of our most popular toy chests! 






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