Kicking Those Winter Blues

Winter is in full force and doesn’t seem to show any signs of stopping.  As the days continue to be cold outside, even the most playful of children can get a little down. Luckily there is plenty that you and the children in your care can do to get back into a bright and cheerful mood.

For those days that are just too cold to play in the snow, encourage the children in your care to express themselves by composing some catchy musical melodies! Try Little Tikes’ Rock & Twist™ Music Machine to get the children moving and grooving. Add in the Tap-A-Tune™ Drum and the Littlest Tikes ManelyTap-A-TuneXylophone to create the perfect dancing beat.


Doctor’s say that most children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity daily. Regular exercise helps children feel better about themselves and feel more ready to learn. For some stimulating indoor exercise for the children, try our iconic Little Tikes ride-ons, like the Cozy Coupe® II Car and Classic Sport Cycle. The younger boys in your care will surely enjoy our Push & Ride™ Racer and for the younger girls, the Push & Ride™ Doll Walker is ideal to haul around their baby dolls. These ride-ons will really get the children’s hearts pumping.

On the warmer winter days, take the children out to play in the snow. Think outside of the box a little and try our Summer Adventures™ Sand Tool Kit  which is great for playing in the sand and for making “snow castles,” too. Also, for those larger childcares, the Summer Adventures Sand and Garden Tools – 30 pack is ideal. These toys never go out of season if you have an imagination!


After playing in the snow, go on inside and get warmed up with some warm milk and cookies. The children can sit down and relax with their delicious winter treats. And one last thing, don’t forget to STAY WARM this winter season!



5 Responses to “Kicking Those Winter Blues”

  1. Connie Says:

    We found another wonderful way to bring the outside inside during the cold winter months. Fill the Little Tikes Builder’s Bay Sand and Water table with dried beans. Our children played for hours! There was plenty of room for multiple activity and tons of fun for everyone.

  2. Katie Says:

    What a great way to bring an outdoor toy inside! Thank you for your feedback. There are many creative ways to use our sand and water tables inside, you just have to get creative.

  3. Little Tykes blog Says:

    Hey you have a great blog… Sort of similar to the one i have. Do you mind if i do a blog post review of what you are doing here?



  4. Katie Says:

    I don’t mind at all. Would you mind letting me know what your blog is so I can check yours out?

  5. Little Tykes blog Says:

    Hi my blog is

    I like to basically talk about the latest little tikes news and how it helps me homeschool.

    I really enjoy reading you blog and will be posting a review of yours soon.

    Danny (

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