Beat the Heat with Wet ‘n Wild Toys from Little Tikes!

When the scorching days of summer arrive, it seems like it may never be cool again. However, there are many ways to beat the heat and with these great ideas from Little Tikes, the children in your care may even find themselves having some fun as they stay cool.

1.    Keep cool with the Crashing Waves™ Water Park. With this inflatable water park, you can turn your playground into an oceanside adventure! Children can climb the bouncy rock wall to the top of the lighthouse, then slide down the curved slide and splash into the pool. A spray cannon at the top of the lighthouse and crawl-through tunnel add to the children’s excitement. Stakes anchor the bouncer firmly in place, while a heavy-duty blower provides continuous airflow.

2.    Splash around with the Ultimate Beach Ball™ Sprinkler. Keep children active with this unique and fun sprinkler that combines beach ball action with wild water play! Just inflate the beach ball, hook it up to a hose and watch the water fly out of 4 sprayers on the ball. Children can roll and chase the beach ball around on the grass or water can be used to fill up the pouch in the bottom of the ball to keep it stationary. Either way kids will have loads of fun and will burn tons of energy.

3.    Make waves with the Island Adventure Water Table.  For endless summertime fun… just add water! The Island Adventure Water Table offers lots of terrain to explore including rivers, moats, a waterfall, bridge and winding roads. Three bellows provide plenty of interactive water action. Includes boat, car, bridge and water tower.

Click here to see all of the water toys from Little Tikes!



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