Free Standard Shipping on the Young Explorer™ Learning Computer

IBM® and Little Tikes are proud to offer a brand new, upgraded computer system just for children. The new and improved Young Explorer™ Learning Computer is a “must have” for any childcare provider. With its updated color scheme and impressive 19″ widescreen flat panel LCD monitor, the Young Explorer™ will surely be a hit! The Young Explorer™ is pre-loaded with a suite of educational software that includes Millie’s Math House®, Sammy’s Science House®, Bailey’s Book House®, Trudy’s Time and Place®, and Thinkin’ Things®.

Young Explorer™

For a limited time only, receive FREE Standard Shipping! (A savings of $49.95!)

Buy It Now for $2,599.99!

The Young Explorer™ PC Pal is also available with FREE Standard Shipping. It features the same great computer and desk, but gives you the freedom to load the educational software of your choice.

Membrane Keyboard

The Little Tikes™ Membrane Keyboard helps teach and reinforce reading and keyboarding skills in children, ages 3-7 years while making exploring the computer fun. The flat, easy-to-clean keyboard surface is larger than a standard keyboard, making it easy for young children to use with comfort and control. Buy it now for $199.99!

Little Tikes® Tiny Mouse

The Little Tikes® Tiny Mouse is approximately half the size of a standard computer mouse which makes it the perfect size for smaller hands. The colored buttons help children who haven’t quite mastered their lefts and their rights, making child’s play out of pointing and clicking.  Buy it now for $29.99!


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