Little Tikes Welcomes Fall

Fall is finally here! It’s time to play in the leaves, drink hot apple cider, and begin thinking of what you might dress up as for Halloween. Though it is starting to get a bit chilly outside, we feel fall is the ideal time for the children in your care to move their energy outside. But when you need a break from the fresh fall air, bring the children inside and create a memorable fall work of art.  With just a few utensils, paint, and an apple, children can make a crafting masterpiece to either hang in the classroom or take home as a fall gift for their loved ones. The apple prints are a great project for children of all ages. Check out the project below to keep the children in your care busy and happy.

Apple Prints

Things you’ll need:

• Apples (plenty of them)
• Plastic Forks
• Knife
• Dish
• Paint
• Paper


1. Cut the apples in half from top to bottom to make the apple shape print or around the middle to make a star shape print. Now remember, if you are working with little children you may want to do this step yourself.

2. Insert the fork in the skin side of the apple. The fork will act as a handle when you are making the prints.

3. Pour the paint into a shallow bowl. The paint should be no more than one half inch thick. Pour each color of paint into a different bowl. Try being creative and mix different colors in each bowl to see what you end up with.

4. Dip the cut side of the apple in the bowl of paint.

5. Use the apple like a stamp and begin making your masterpiece!


• Be sure to place the apples back in the dish between each print for best results.
• Try gluing fallen leaves on the paper as well for a great fall finish.

If there are any extra apples left over, pass them out to the kids for a healthy snack. For an extra tasty treat warm up some caramel or peanut butter for the kids to dip their apples in.

Click here to check out this craft along with plenty of other great craft ideas.

Little Tikes has the PERFECT place for the children to create all of their fall masterpieces.  Check out our Endless Adventures® Fold ‘n Store Picnic Table.  It is large enough to sit 8 children.  It is the perfect addition to add to your childcare.



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