Introducing the New Little Tikes Childcare Team

My name is Janet and would like to introduce you to the latest Little Tikes Childcare team. It is our goal to be your #1 resource for Little Tikes products for your childcares. We will give you tips about how to use Little Tikes toys in your centers. We will let you know when we mail new childcare catalogs and about exciting new products. We would love your feedback about how you use Little Tikes products in your childcares. So please feel free to post a comment to our blog.

Mary, Amber and I make up the Little Tikes Childcare team. We are here to answer all of your product questions and help you place your order. Our backgrounds are diverse. Mary has 15 plus years in preschool education. She has been with Little Tikes for 6 years and is always willing to offer great product suggestions. Amber just recently joined the team, but has been with Little Tikes for 3 years now and knows the ins and outs of all of our products. I am the associate manager of the Little Tikes Childcare team and bring my own parenting experience chasing after 3 girls between the ages of 4-7. I understand the importance of child development and hope that our team can help your childcare “Get up and Grow” with Little Tikes.

The fall Childcare Solutions catalog is keeping us very busy right now answering all of your questions and placing orders. We would love to hear from you about what you think of our new products and packages and what packages you would like to see in the spring catalog.


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