Happy Thanksgiving from the Little Tikes Childcare Team

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just 2 days away?  What an exciting time of year!  I’m sure you are all very busy showing the children in your care how to illustrate to their families and friends what they are thankful for.  We thought of some great ways you can help celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving.  Of course the pilgrims didn’t have Little Tikes kitchens to cook their first feasts on, but why not have the kids “cook” a Thanksgiving feast with one of our kitchens.  Pull out all of your play food and cook up a full meal using your Little Tikes play kitchen.  Maybe try having the kids color pictures of a turkey and all the fixings.  Help the children cut out their pictures and “cook” them in the toy kitchen.  Then you can all sit down and share in the feast.  Before you eat, remember to go around the table and have each child say what they are thankful for. 

Here at Little Tikes we are thankful to be able to offer you lower oversize shipping charges on many of our products.  We just lowered our oversize shipping charges on the Inside/Outside Cook ‘n Grill Kitchen™Prep ‘n Serve Kitchen™, and the Cookin’ Fun Interactive Kitchen™ as well as several other great products.  It is always exciting news to be able to pass on savings to our customers.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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