Start the New Year Getting Organized!

The start of the New Year is a great time to get your classroom organized.  Make sure all the children are involved in the cleaning.  We suggest starting out the New Year by cleaning your toys and your classroom.  Fill several buckets half full with warm soapy water and get started.  Teach the kids in your care a valuable lesson and let them join in the fun.  Clear off the shelves and with adult supervision let the kids use sponges to wash all of the toy kitchen items, plastic blocks and trucks.  Adults can help the kids wring out the sponges and let them wipe down the shelves, countertops, and tables and chairs.  The kids can take turns washing and drying. 

After everything is sparkling clean, it’s time to put everything back in its’ place.  By using Little Tikes toy boxes you can make organizing your playroom a breeze.  We have many styles to choose from.  The Sort ‘n StoreToy Chests are great because they feature two bins at the bottom for storing small items.  They are available in five different color combinations.  If you are storing sport’s equipment you might choose our Basketball or Soccer Toy Chests.  For even more storage space check out our Giant Toy Chests available in pink or blue

Your children will be amazed to find out how much better playtime can be when they can actually find the toys they are looking for.

Sort ’n Store™ Red Toy Chest


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