Little Tikes is gearing up for Spring!

It may be hard to believe but the start of Spring is in site.  The Little Tikes Childcare team would like to introduce you to some of our brand new products for 2009.  If you are thinking about updating your facility with some new toys, we have some great suggestions for you! 

It’s been awhile since we have had some great new outdoor ride-ons and we are pleased to introduce our 100% kid powered Hop & Scoot ATV.  Little riders bounce on the seat to get the wheels turnin’ or use good ol’ fashioned foot power to get the ATV moving along.  The Hop & Scoot ATV is great for gross motor activity and balance control.  Geared for ages 2 to 5 years this ride-on will be an added favorite to your play area.  We just know you will love this new ride-on so much that we have created 2 and 4 pack bundles.  The Hop & Scoot ATV 2 and 4 packs will be great for your budget and will help ease the wait for taking turns on this sure to be favorite.  


Hop & Scoot ATV


The Litte Tikes Hop & Scoot ATV is priced at $49.99.  Check out our ATV2 and ATV4 packages for even greater savings!


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