Making Imaginations Soar! Plan a trip around the World.

Today is officially the last day of winter, but we are sure to have plenty of chilly rainy days ahead.  If it’s too cold or wet  for the kids to go outside where you live and you are looking for some fun ideas.  Check this out!


Try planning a trip around the world.  Mary has thought of a whole week’s worth of activities to help you get started. 

Begin the week by having the kids pick a country on the globe to “visit”.  Then discuss how they would travel to the country that they pick.  For instance, if we picked China we would have to board an airplane to travel halfway around the globe.  Teach your children the different customs of the country of choice.  You could even try to teach a few words words in the language and learn about how people from different countries may dress differently and eat different foods. 

All week long while you are learning about the country tell the children that the class will be taking a trip on Friday.  Why not send home a note about your pretend trip and get the parents involved.  The kids could bring a small overnight bag to school for their trip.

On the day of departure have an entrance to an “airplane.”  Line up all of your Little TikesRainbow Chairs as seats in the plane.  Stand at the door and collect the tickets from your passengers.  Pick out a few volunteers from the class to be the pilot and stewards.  Have the stewards pass out a small snack.  Pretend to land and have lunch at your destination then board back on the airplane and head for home!

If you need to stock up on Rainbow Chairs for your trip we offer them individually and as a four pack.  Check them out and enjoy your flight!

Rainbow Chairs


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