Celebrate Earth Day with Little Tikes™


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Earth Day is soon approaching and I think this year more than any so far, people are really focusing on the importance of saving our planet.  Earth Day began on April 22nd, 1970 and has been celebrated every April 22nd since.  It’s a day to remind us to take care of our Mother Earth.  We should take time to reflect on our planet, our environment and learn what we can do to help keep our Earth happy and healthy. 

This Earth Day please take time to teach the children in your care about the three R’s:  Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce.

Discuss with your children that we need to recycle as many things as we can.  Encourage the children to talk about recycling with their parents and how each person can make a difference by recycling.  If you are not currently recycling at your school or daycare this would be a great opportunity to start.  Get the kids involved.  Think of all of the paper we use on a daily basis.  Make sure the kids are using both sides of the paper to cut back on waste and that the paper gets recycled not thrown in the trash.  For children who are old enough to use crayons try recycling your old broken crayons.  Have the kids peel off the paper of the crayons and put the bits in a non stick muffin pan.  An adult will have to do the rest.  Place the muffin pan in a 250* oven to melt the crayons at a  low temp.  Turn off the heat when the crayons have melted, but do not remove the tin!  Allow the oven to cool completely before removing crayons.  For the best rainbow effect, do not move the muffin tray until the crayons have cooled completely.  Tap the bottom of the tin to make the crayons pop out.  The next day your little artists can draw and color with their “new” crayons on our Little TikesDouble Easel.  The Double Easel comes with a 50 sheet pad of paper, but make sure you use both sides of the paper!

Little Tikesis also helping to do our part to keep our planet green by introducing two new games which will appeal to your preschoolers.

Our Bamboo 3-D Memory Matching Game and Bamboo Domino Game are made from real bamboo, a renewable, sustainable, natural material.  The tiles each have cute characters that are printed with soy ink.  The cartons are even made of recycled material. 

Little Tikesis proud of our long standing tradition of making toys that last.  Little Tikestoys are recyclable, please check with your local recycling agent on how to recycle your used Little Tike’s items.


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