National Police Week 2009

National Police Week is being celebrated this week on May 10th – May 16th.  This is a great time to study community helpers and invite a Police Officer to your classroom to have a discussion about their job and what it entails.  Have the officer describe their uniform and discuss why they carry different tools.  This a good time to discuss the subject of “Stranger Danger” and what they should do if a stranger approaches them.  Then take a trip outdoors to have the police officer show their vehicle and discuss all the tools they have within their car.  Make sure each child realizes that the police are their friends and are around to help everyone.


 Tikes Patrol™ Police CarOur Tikes Patrol Police Car™ is sure to be a big hit with the children in your care.  It would be fun to set up a small safety town with your cars and houses and teach your youngsters the rules of safety.  Little Tikes™ has many playhouses to choose from and a variety of packages of ride-on toys that your children will love. 

Our Ride-on Package option 4 brings you all of our favorite ride-ons in one special package.  The kids will have plenty of choices to pretend to be a police officer, fire fighter, or little princess and you will save $60 by purchasing this package. 

Ride-On Package Option 4

Make sure you check your mailboxes for our Summer edition of the Little Tikes Childcare Solutions catalog!  If you aren’t on our mailing list you can sign up here.  Thanks!


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