Big Waffle Blocks are Here!

After so many requests for the Big Waffle Blocks, Little Tikes is proud to announce that the Big Waffle Blocks are back. 

These classic Waffle® Blocks help little builders build big ideas! This Little Tikes favorite comes with 18 fun and colorful pieces, which are perfect for building imaginations indoors and out!   The lightweight pieces are easy to fit together and connect securely in every direction. And the pieces are sized just right for little hands, so children can build even the biggest constructions. Each piece is 14″L x 2″W x 14″H.


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4 Responses to “Big Waffle Blocks are Here!”

  1. Nancy Caenepeel Kare Bear Learning Center Inc. Says:

    The children have been using the little tikes large, medium and small blocks thru-out our center for 28 years. The are still loved by all. The return of the large waffle blocks brings joy to my heart. They are by far the directors favorite open-end, creative toy. I’m ready to order more today.

  2. Liz Jimison Says:

    Where can I get the large waffle blocks? I’ve been looking for them for a long time. I have a ‘family child care home’ and would like to get some more as our old ones are in bad shape. Liz

  3. David Norman Says:

    These Waffle Blocks are so cool ! I have to say and fun ! Im almost 28 years old and when I was a kid. I played with them all the time they were my fav toy and now I have my own kid I hope to get her own.

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