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Big Waffle Blocks are Here!

January 4, 2010

After so many requests for the Big Waffle Blocks, Little Tikes is proud to announce that the Big Waffle Blocks are back. 

These classic Waffle® Blocks help little builders build big ideas! This Little Tikes favorite comes with 18 fun and colorful pieces, which are perfect for building imaginations indoors and out!   The lightweight pieces are easy to fit together and connect securely in every direction. And the pieces are sized just right for little hands, so children can build even the biggest constructions. Each piece is 14″L x 2″W x 14″H.


Check Your Mailboxes. The Childcare Solutions Catalog is Coming!

March 3, 2009

The spring 2009 edition of the Childcare Solutions catalogs have just been mailed out.  We’ve been taking many calls about when the new catalog will be mailed out and we are pleased to announce that they are finally on their way.  The Little Tikes Childcare division is gearing up and anxious to answer any questions or help you in any way to make ordering easier and faster.


As many of you know we accept several forms of payment, but the one we are most excited to introduce to you is our new Check by Phone option. This makes ordering faster because you now do not have to wait for your check to arrive to us in the mail.  Look for the order form insert inside your catalog and simply fill out your order and provide your Business check information found at the bottom of your check and fax it in.  This fast and secure payment option will have your order at your door days faster.  “Go green” and save a stamp by calling in your order at 1-866-416-4217, option 2.  Can’t wait for the new catalog- you can even shop online and print out the order form that is posted on the website.  Fill out your order and fax it in with your credit card or business checking account information and we can process your order. 


We know that many of you are receiving grants or in the process of getting grants and we will try to help you in any way.  Many of our providers need quotes so that they can present their order with all the added expenses and we will be happy to prepare that for you and we can fax, email or mail the quote to you. We are always looking for ways to serve our customers better and if you have any suggestions as to where to locate grants, we would love if you would share this information with us so we can pass this along to those who are interested.


If you haven’t received your latest Childcare Solutions Catalog, Spring 2009, you can sign up now or call us at 1-800-321-4424 Ext. 3016 or 3232 and we would be happy to see that you receive our newest edition.


We understand the importance of watching your budgets so we have come up with many great package specials that will save you money.  Many of the packages are in our catalog, but don’t forget to check our website, for our complete line of these great packages.  Click here to view all of our package specials now.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Playground Package - Option 3Sand and Water 2 Variety Pack

Little Tikes is gearing up for Spring!

February 20, 2009

It may be hard to believe but the start of Spring is in site.  The Little Tikes Childcare team would like to introduce you to some of our brand new products for 2009.  If you are thinking about updating your facility with some new toys, we have some great suggestions for you! 

It’s been awhile since we have had some great new outdoor ride-ons and we are pleased to introduce our 100% kid powered Hop & Scoot ATV.  Little riders bounce on the seat to get the wheels turnin’ or use good ol’ fashioned foot power to get the ATV moving along.  The Hop & Scoot ATV is great for gross motor activity and balance control.  Geared for ages 2 to 5 years this ride-on will be an added favorite to your play area.  We just know you will love this new ride-on so much that we have created 2 and 4 pack bundles.  The Hop & Scoot ATV 2 and 4 packs will be great for your budget and will help ease the wait for taking turns on this sure to be favorite.  


Hop & Scoot ATV


The Litte Tikes Hop & Scoot ATV is priced at $49.99.  Check out our ATV2 and ATV4 packages for even greater savings!

The Spring 2008 Childcare Solutions Catalog Has Arrived!

March 5, 2008

Little Tikes is pleased to announce the arrival of our NEW Spring 2008 Childcare Solutions Catalog!  We know that many of you have been waiting patiently to see our exciting new products and brand new packages which have been created to help you save money while shopping with us. There’s no time like the present to browse through our catalog and start planning for new improvements to your childcares. 

When thinking about making improvements to your childcare, something you may want to focus on is the outdoor climbing equipment that you have.  As many of you are aware, within the last few years several restraints have been issued regarding outdoor playground equipment in public locations. These restraints may be making it harder for you to find outdoor climbing equipment that is approved to be used in your childcare setting, but also that is affordable!  That is, until now! Little Tikes is proud to be able to offer you two outdoor playgrounds that meet or exceed the safety requirements of the ASTM 1487, Safety Specifications for Public Playgrounds; the Climbing Towers Playground (#401A) and the Activity Quest Climber (# 400Z). Now you can feel good about the playground equipment that you are providing to the children in your care because these climbers are Safety Standard Approved for your childcare needs.  We are also excited to be offering a Climber Variety Pack, in which you receive 1 of the Climbing Towers Playground and 1 of the Activity Quest Climber at a savings of $200.00! 


In our NEW Spring 2008 Childcare Solutions Catalog, you will find 40 different packages which save you money versus buying the products individually.  And if you visit our website,, you will find over 100 different packages that can save you money! One of our exciting new packages this year is the Teeter Totter Variety Pack.  This Variety Pack comes with 1 Classic Alligator Teeter Totter and 1 Classic Whale Teeter Totter and saves you $25.00! 


But you won’t want to miss out on our all time best selling package either, which is our Ride-On Package Option 4. This #1 selling package includes our iconic Cozy Coupe® II™ Car, a Ride & Rescue™ Cozy Coupe®, a Princess Cozy Coupe®, a Tikes Patrol Police Car, a Classic Tough Tire Trike, a Classic Sport Cycle and an Electronic Sounds Gas Pumper, and saves you $70.00 off of the regular retail prices.  


If you think these packages sound good, then you will definitely want to check out all of our packages. Click here to see the entire line of special packages, created with your needs and savings in mind.  

We want to make sure that you receive one of our NEW Spring 2008 Childcare Solutions catalogs so that you can take advantage of all of these great savings!  Click here to sign up to receive a copy of our catalog and we will get one in the mail to you ASAP!

3 Award Winning Toys From Little Tikes!

August 15, 2007



           As a childcare provider, you know how hard it is to pick out the best toys for your children. They have to be perfect: toys that are fun, educational, safe, and durable. You want toys that you know the kids are going to love and will never get tired of, toys that will keep them busy while you’re fixing their snacks or cleaning up after them. You don’t want to spend your money on something that will break easily or that the kids will get bored with after a half an hour!

            This is when you need to turn to the experts: people that study, test, and review toys for a living so that parents and teachers and daycare owners can make informed, confident purchases. This is when you turn to Joanne and Stephanie Oppenheim, two of the most trusted child development experts, their panel of judges and kid-testers, and the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio.


            With no ads or entry fees, customers can be assured that the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio is filled with only the best products out there! The toys are tested and reviewed by experts, parents, and kids with all different lifestyles and backgrounds so they can get a diverse set of opinions. There are two different awards given out by the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio: the Platinum award and the Gold Seal award.


            Little Tikes is proud to announce that we were the recipients of three Oppenheim Toy Portfolio awards for 2008! Our Obstacle Course Bouncer and Sand & Sea Play Table both won the Gold Seal award and our Mom & Me Walker received the Platinum award! And if you purchase the Obstacle Course Bouncer by August 20th, Little Tikes will give you a free Roller Bag which makes transporting your bouncer even easier! (offer not valid on previous purchases). (Mom and Me Walker not yet available for sale).

Obstacle Course Bouncer


Sand and Sea Play Table


Mommy and Me Walker

            So when you are stuck trying to decide what toys to pick out for this upcoming school year, your decision can be made easier… because now you can be sure that Little Tikes really only does offer the best!