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Big Waffle Blocks are Here!

January 4, 2010

After so many requests for the Big Waffle Blocks, Little Tikes is proud to announce that the Big Waffle Blocks are back. 

These classic Waffle® Blocks help little builders build big ideas! This Little Tikes favorite comes with 18 fun and colorful pieces, which are perfect for building imaginations indoors and out!   The lightweight pieces are easy to fit together and connect securely in every direction. And the pieces are sized just right for little hands, so children can build even the biggest constructions. Each piece is 14″L x 2″W x 14″H.


Why not have a Red Day in your classroom?

February 3, 2009

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As Valentine’s Day draws near, we all start to thing of things that are red.  As part of your Valentine’s Day celebrations why not a “Red Day” in your classroom?


The day before your special event, send home a letter informing the parents of the Special Red Day Event.  Suggest that each child wear something Red to class the day of your choice.  For a little “homework” the night before class, have the children cut out some red pictures from magazines or catalogs with their parent’s help and bring them to class the next day in an envelope.  After the children have arrived roll out a large sheet of paper and start gluing their pictures onto the paper.  When it has dried, hang your new “red” masterpiece on the wall and talk about all of the great pictures the class has found.    

Another great idea to help celebrate Valentine’s Day and Red Day is to sort out all the red toys to play with that day.  Little Tikes has some great toys for this project, including our iconic Cozy Coupe®, our Classic Tough Tire Trike, the TotSports™ Golf Set, the Tap a Tune® Xylophone, the Electric Sounds Gas Pumper or the Classic Toddler Tractor and Cart.  These are just some of our our favorites, there are many more to chose from on our website.  Take a look around your classroom to see how many red toys you can find.  The children in your care are sure to have a blast trying to find all of the red toys in the class or playroom.


Cozy Coupe® II™ CarClassic Tough Tire TrikeTotSports™ Golf SetTap-a-Tune® XylophoneElectronic Sounds Gas Pumper

Introducing Preschoolers to Music

September 2, 2008

Most preschoolers have a LOVE for music! Anytime they hear it they can’t help but sing and dance along. This all begins with a little encouragement from their caregivers. Simple things like singing in the car on long trips or having a dance party at home can really get the children’s body and soul energized! And little did we know that preschool age is an ideal time to explore the Beethoven in all of us.

Benefits of Music:

According to Kids Health, children who are actively involved in music:

      – Do better in reading and math when they begin school

      – Are better able to focus and control their bodies

      – Play better with others and have higher self esteem

Fun Musical Activities:

Music doesn’t have to come from a store bought drum or guitar, we can demonstrate our musical talents with some homemade instruments! Try some of these fun activities with the children in your care.

– Practice clapping or tapping the beats to some of your children’s favorite songs and have them copy you.

– Make a maraca! Take a paper towel tube and cover it with construction paper. Next fill it with dried beans and get shakin’.

– Play musical chairs. Not only will this get their minds working, but it will also get their hearts pumping!

– Be a musical instrument. Have the children mimic their favorite instrument and march around like a marching band. What a great way to drum up their imaginative play.   

Time for Little Tikes Instruments: 

Little Tikes is introducing several new instruments to encourage kids to explore rhythm and movement. Click here to check out these new instruments along with many of our other classic musical toys. These instruments will surely make circle time an exciting place to be!


Poptunes Big Rocker Drum

Get Geared up for Halloween!

October 17, 2007

As Halloween draws near it’s time to start thinking about tricks and treats, ghosts and goblins!  This time of year can start to get overwhelming as the influx of upcoming Holidays start to stare you in the face.  Well have no FEAR this Halloween, because if you’re still trying to find treats to hand out to the little ones in your care, you’ve come to the right place! 

Little Tikes is offering their collection of Scream Beams™ Flashlights at a 30% discount for a limited time only.  Originally $9.99, they are now on sale for just $6.99!  This is the perfect treat for little ones because it combines Halloween Fun with Halloween Safety.  When you squeeze the handle of these flashlights, their mouths open wide to make Halloween sounds and light the way.  But hurry, because they are being gobbled up quickly. 


WerewolfMonsterSkeleton opencount

And if you still haven’t found that perfect costume yet, be sure to check out our Pirate Costumes!  Not only will these costumes ignite the imaginations of your little ones, but they can also be used after Halloween to make pretend play a thrilling pirate adventure!  The 1 piece pirate costumes come with a built in vest, waist sash and separate head sash.